Mindful Community Service

A cornerstone of compassion is community service. But for families, practicing service together is a unique challenge. Finding a family-friendly project that’s easy to get to, engaging, and caters to elementary school ages is almost impossible.

We bring our Mindful Community Service flagship program directly to you — your schools, workplaces, and local community. These facilitated compassion experiences bridge creativity, connection, and hands-on work to make service both meaningful and fun for all ages.

Our Triple-Fold Impact

Our three powerful building blocks turn compassion into action.


We utilize storytelling techniques to translate complex social issues and mindfully attune to our common humanity. Every project includes science-based mindfulness and movement practices that help process difficult emotions.


We strengthen community connectedness and camaraderie. At every experience, you’ll find fun interactive games and opportunities to learn from each other.


Your group works together on fun and engaging care kit assembly projects, that benefit youth and families in need through our network of community nonprofit partners. We handle all the logistics and supplies to make these age-appropriate projects possible.

See our Mindful Community Service projects in action!

Bring Mindful Community Service to your school, workplace, or community.