Youth Leadership Programs

Our Youth Leadership programs are an integral part of Mindful Littles. Anchored on our feel-good, do-good model, these programs provide teen leaders with the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills through hands-on community service opportunities to inspire and empower younger-aged peers in habits of compassion.

Wellness Peer Educators

Learning Feel-Good Habits by Doing Good Teaching

We partner with schools and student wellness centers to help teen leaders become Wellness Peer Educators. Through this powerful program, teens become trained in simple mindfulness and compassion habits (breathing, listening, positive mindset) with peers. They then have the opportunity to apply these skills by teaching these habits to littles—younger aged children—on  select days of service. 

Mindful Coaching Programs Teen Mentors

The Win-Win-Win Result

Younger children are engaged by teens they look up to

 Teen leaders habituate compassion by teaching

School communities are more strongly connected

Check out Our Wellness Peer Education program in action.

Bring our Wellness Peer Education Program to your school or organization.

Volunteer at Mindful Littles Community Events

Looking for extra volunteer hours? Enjoy interacting with young children?  We are always looking for teen volunteers to help us at our Peace & Kindness Carnivals, Family Service Projects and more.

Through Mindful Littles Youth Leadership Programs, teens:

Learn and apply mindfulness/well-being habits.

Strengthen peer connectedness.

Obtain valuable leadership skills.

Earn community service hours.

Interact with elementary school children.