Our Programs

Our experiential programs are specially designed to help participants engage in compassionate action from the inside out.

Mindful Service Learning

Unlike traditional models of community service, our innovative Mindful Service Learning program creates a highly engaging compassion experience that anchors on our unique feel good-do good model. Participants get the chance to practice mindfulness and empathy, gain new perspectives on challenging social topics and actively participate in tangible service work to directly benefit a nonprofit or community cause.

Compassionate Classrooms

We know that building habits of compassion takes consistent practice, so we seamlessly infuse our Mindful Littles lessons into the classroom. Our school curriculum helps students heal emotional trauma, builds a mindful service mindset and teaches students that compassion is the seed that begins within.

Adult & Family Programs

Becoming mindful of the little habit of compassion requires a collective effort. From resilient parenting workshops to listening circles, our adult and family programs serve to ensure that we empower whole communities to provide the tools and resources needed to sustain this habit as a practice in work, school and beyond.
It was a pleasure to collaborate with Mindful Littles in planning the programs. The team prepared thoughtful, engaging lessons that were meaningful to the families as well as being fun, interactive, and hands-on.  I believe the lessons Mindful Littles brought to our community will stick with the children for a long time, and I highly recommend Mindful Littles programs!”
—Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Temple Isaiah

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