Make a Nature Paintbrush to Create Kindness Cards

Nature and art make perfect companions in this sensory outdoor project. First you’ll use your keen observation skills to collect natural materials outside. Next, you’ll use those items to create a Nature Paintbrush. Finally, you’ll paint beautiful Kindness Cards to send to people you love and care about. Let’s get started!


For the paintbrushes

  • Twigs sized for paintbrush handles
  • Found leaves, flowers, acorns, pine needles, etc.
  • Small rubber bands

For the cards

  • Ready-made folded blank cards or blank paper to fold into a card
  • Envelopes
  • Paints (tempera, water colors, acrylics, etc.)
  • Bowl of water
  • Paper plates to use as palettes


  • Take a stroll outside to collect natural items — like fallen leaves, flowers, pine needles — you can use as the bristles of your paintbrush
  • Look for fallen twigs that will work as the handle of your paintbrush
  • To assemble the brush, choose a twig and a few of your found items
  • Put one or two small rubber bands around the twig
  • Bunch together the items, then push them through the bands on the twig
  • Dip your nature paintbrush into the paint to create beautiful abstract designs on the front of your card
  • Once the paint dries, write a message of hope and love inside the card
  • Give your card to someone you love or send it to a resident in a nursing facility to lift their spirits and bring them joy

Send your cards to grandparents, friends and family or drop them in the neighbors’ mailboxes. You can also leave one for mail carriers, package and food delivery people or send them to hospitals to thank essential healthcare workers. Sending Kindness Cards to nursing homes and assisted living facilities is a great way to cheer up residents. 

Want to share your beautiful creation? Drop a photo in the comments below! 

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