Notice & Soak Up the Good In Your Garden

As we move through another week of quarantine in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus, I’m definitely feeling the effects of being house-bound and out of physical contact with my extended family and friends. While I’m coming to accept this new normal, I’m also experiencing a pretty consistent level of anxiety (anyone else having a hard time sleeping?).

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Connect to the Earth With a Barefoot Walk

Walking barefoot outside is a wonderful way for children to use their sense of touch to experience their bodies and surroundings. Plus, going barefoot or “earthing” provides several scientifically researched benefits, including better sleep, reduced inflammation and increased antioxidants thanks to the way our bodies interact with the earth’s electrons.

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Honoring the Changing Seasons: Fall

The autumn equinox recently occurred, officially heralding the return of the fall season. Can you feel fall in the air yet? The changing of the seasons is exciting. Perhaps we’re looking forward to pumpkin spice flavors, falling leaves and upcoming holidays. For many of us, however, life goes on as usual. We don’t always notice the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, and simply continue on with our activities and priorities. Continue reading “Honoring the Changing Seasons: Fall”