About Us

Why Mindful Littles

It is the fierce love for our children that is the driving force behind Mindful Littles.  It is the recognition that in order to create lasting change in this world that we must begin with ourselves, that we must start small.  It is the belief that by empowering and elevating each other that we will create a more peaceful tomorrow.

The first Mindful Littles service learning project took place on October 2, 2016, starting as a grassroots project in our founder’s backyard.  Fifteen neighborhood families in Orinda, CA, gathered to make heartfelt hygiene kits for foster care youth in need. The experience made a deep impact on the group with even one parent even saying, ”I held more doors open for people in the last few days than I think I have in my life. Your words were heard.”  

Since that first spark, Mindful Littles has become a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching compassion, mindfulness and service through fun, engaging experiences. The first service project by complete coincidence occurred on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  It is Gandhi’s message of fierce love, compassion, courage and peace that continue to guide Mindful Littles and embody the essence of our work.

How We Are Different

We believe self-compassion is necessary for pro-social behavior.

We empower the youngest generations and their families.

We elevate other nonprofits and institutions.

We provide tools to sustain compassion practices at home.