Mindful Little Spotlight: Abigail Weiner & Her Mitzvah Project

A powerful aspect of our Mindful Littles organization is our Youth Leadership program in which older kids- middle school, high school and college students- volunteer with our organization in a variety of capacities. These teenagers join our efforts as volunteer staff to help us oversee kindness and mindfulness stations, help with event activities and much more.  They are instrumental to the success of our events and workshops, and provide a source of creativity and fresh energy that infuses our nonprofit.  In turn these Youth Leaders benefit by learning about mindfulness and compassion practices all while being able to help young children and serve a community in need. Read more

Mindful Little Spotlight: Shay Patel

Our #MindfulLittleSpotlight story is about Shay Patel, a basketball coach, mentor, visionary, and humanitarian. The shocker? He is only fourteen years old.

Mindful Littles Spotlight Stories features stories on littles that are taking the initiative and positively impacting their communities. Please email us at info@mindfullittles.org in order to nominate a little you know for a feature story.

Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes. Yet what would you do if you saw something wrong about said shoes? Eleven year old Shay Patel took matters into his own hands in 2014, translating empathy into actio

n when he noticed littles playing basketball without proper shoes. The then 5th grade student launched “Alley-Oop Kids,” a project aiming to help less fortunate littles realize their athletic potential. Amazingly, Alley-Oop Kids is run entirely by littles! Read more

Nominate a Mindful Little for the “Children Have the Power to Empower” Award!

Nominate a mindful and compassionate little who is giving back to our community for the Yours Humanly “Children Have the Power to Empower Award.” Yours Humanly established this award to showcase “outstanding acts of goodness in a meaningful way.” Recipients of the award will be presented with a medal, will have “a platform to connect, share their stories, and see what others are doing to make a difference.”
To nominate a mindful little, you can make your submission here.  For more information about the award, visit the YoursHumanly website.
Mindful Littles is excited to start partnering with such a wonderful organization and to inspire more littles to help make a difference in this world!

Mindful Little Spotlight: Caden Morrow

We have learned about some incredible stories about a few local children doing some amazing mindful work and giving back to the community.  Some of these kids have been inspired by our Mindful Littles community service events and have started campaigns to help the causes they learned about.  We want to start featuring these awesome littles and share their stories with our community.

Our first #MindfulLittleSpotlight is about a big-hearted 1st grader,  Caden Morrow.  Read more