Mindful Teen Spotlight: EcoAction Makes Renewable Energy Reality

Growing up surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty not only inspired a love of nature in the Weeks sisters, but also a passion to protect it. As a high school student, Abbie Weeks founded Ecological Action, a school club committed to learning about and sharing sustainable environmental practices then taking action to make it happen around the globe. Now her sister Riley is EcoAction’s president.

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Reflections on Day of Peace

Peace Kits for Paradise: When Giving Is Also Receiving

It was a bluebird day: clear skies, faint hint of fading clouds, brilliant sun. Green blanketed fields, gardens and any spare ground thanks to the recent rain. You could say it was just another beautiful day in Durham, California at Ponderosa Elementary, the new site for the hundreds of students who lost their school – and many their homes – in the Paradise Camp Fire last November. And it was – but side-by-side with the ordinary was the extraordinary. 

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