Dia de los Muertos Helps Us Honor Our Ancestors With Love and Joy

In the United States, skeletons, skulls and white painted faces more often than not make you think of haunted houses, creepy monsters and scary stories. Just across the border in Mexico, however, these symbols of death are all about joy and thanksgiving. That’s because Mexican culture celebrates death and the deceased while we often find it difficult to discuss death at all, let alone with comfort and ease. Continue reading “Dia de los Muertos Helps Us Honor Our Ancestors With Love and Joy”

Honoring the Changing Seasons: Fall

The autumn equinox recently occurred, officially heralding the return of the fall season. Can you feel fall in the air yet? The changing of the seasons is exciting. Perhaps we’re looking forward to pumpkin spice flavors, falling leaves and upcoming holidays. For many of us, however, life goes on as usual. We don’t always notice the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, and simply continue on with our activities and priorities. Continue reading “Honoring the Changing Seasons: Fall”

Fostering Compassion Through “Voluntourism”: One Mom’s Inspiring Story


Mindfulness and compassion have been in Laura Traxler’s blood for as long as she can remember. A longtime Orinda resident, Laura consciously planted seeds of compassion in her two sons throughout their childhood that are now beginning to bloom as they enter adulthood. How did she do it? And what can us mothers of young children learn from her that we can incorporate into our lives now? Here is Laura’s story …

Continue reading “Fostering Compassion Through “Voluntourism”: One Mom’s Inspiring Story”