BLM Community Art Project

To memorialize and honor the numerous Black individuals who have been killed by police or vigilantes, and to declare our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, we are collecting paper and fabric flowers from the community.

The flowers will adorn the portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor being painted by Julie Atkinson, a member of the Mindful Littles community and co-facilitator of the Mindful Littles’ racial justice presentations, Engaging Families on Race: Dialogue, Art & Action

Our goal is to have flowers of all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors to frame the portraits of George and Breonna. Make as many as you like!

Read more about this project & download printable flowers to decorate and contribute to this powerful community art project!


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Conversations On Color

A Letter from Lisa, our magical Editor in Chief:

Talking about topics like race or sexual orientation is sometimes uncomfortable. But at Mindful Littles, we’re up for uncomfortable. That’s because we believe compassion is the perfect companion for discomfort. When we meet ourselves and others with compassion, we’re ready to listen, empathize and make change. 

Which brings me to rainbows. I’ve been thinking a lot about rainbows lately. Yes, I’m sure it has to do with the fact that June is Pride Month, but I think it also has to do with the national protests calling for racial justice.  Read More >

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A Black Life Is a Human Life

A letter from our founder:

“Why did the police officer squeeze his neck?”

This was the question my 8-year old asked us as my husband and I openly shared how George Floyd died in one of the most brutal ways a person could die. Throughout the week, my daughter’s question has been swirling through my head. And it wasn’t until this morning that it became clear why this was such an important question.  

At Mindful Littles we believe EVERY human is born compassionate. Science backs this up, and it is a fundamental truth that we believe — that children are authentically courageously compassionate. So how does a person get to a point where they can place their knee, not for a moment, but for 8 minutes 46 seconds to brutally kill another? What is it that transpires in one’s life where they no longer can connect to that innate compassionate state? If all beings are born compassionate, how do we grow up to treat others as slaves, to oppress, to treat another as less than human? Read More >

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