Natural Disaster Recovery

Mindful Littles has been helping communities who are struggling with the trauma from natural disasters. This trauma can extend far beyond the loss of homes and loved ones, and create mental health needs that often surpass existing systems’ capacities, especially in smaller communities. As we help a community heal from the initial damage, they also learn skills that serve a long-term emotional need. 

Whole Community Healing for Paradise, CA

Since 2019, Mindful Littles has been leading a Whole Community Healing program to help the town of Paradise cope with the emotional trauma and widespread loss experienced after the
Camp Fire, one of the most devastating wildfires in California history. 

The trauma from the natural disaster
was especially challenging because of
Butte County’s already high rate of
Adverse Childhood Experiences
(ACEs), which can have complex and
lasting negative impact on a person’s
behavior, health and well-being. 


of Butte County adults
have at least 1 Adverse
Childhood Experience (ACE)



now have a universal

ACE for the whole

community after the 

Camp Fire

North Valley Comminity Foundation

As a public health intervention, our compassion programs equip students and educators with social-emotional learning tools and practices to help them heal from immediate trauma as well as sustain habits that promote lifelong well-being.  Now in its third year, with support from North Valley Community Foundation, our Whole Community Healing program continues in Paradise, CA with high impact. 

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These kids have been through so much. Learning different techniques to help them understand what they’re feeling and how to express those feelings in an appropriate way has been so beneficial. The kids always looked forward to Mindful Littles time and the facilitators were wonderful with the students. I am looking forward to working with Mindful Littles in the future and using their strategies myself!”

— Paradise Elementary Teacher


students reported
learning new techniques
to calm down

Sierra Nevada 2021 Program

As more communities suffer natural
disasters, we are here to help.

In 2020, the Sierra Nevada Mountain community in Fresno County also experienced a catastrophic wildfire— this time, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a recommendation from our Paradise partners, this small rural community invited us to bring our Compassionate Classrooms program to Pine Ridge Elementary for all Kindergarten through 8th grade students. By learning emotional regulation, self-care and coping practices, students and educators strengthened their resilience in the face of trauma—and continue to do so, as we move into another year of work with them. 

Mindful Littles has become specialized in responding to trauma from natural disasters. As California wildfires and natural disasters continue, so does the need for healing. If your community is in need of social-emotional healing or help recovering from a natural disaster, we would love to talk to you.