The mindful compassionate moments with our children may be what they most remember

My husband lost his mother to breast cancer when he was just 16 years old.  I have asked him often what he remembers most about his mother.  He says he can’t remember all the details of his childhood memories with his mom, but he does remember the way his mother used to look at him.  There were times when his mother would gaze at him, even in a room full of people, and it would seem like there was no one else in the room besides himself. She seemed to be in complete awe of his presence and he would feel like he was her special boy.  He also remembers how it felt to lay in his mom’s lap. She would quietly stroke his head- moving her fingers from the front of his head to the back.  And he remembers how it was really important to her to have dedicated time with him alone, and his sister alone.  He knows that she made the dates with her children a priority in her life.

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