Five Books About…Racism and Systemic Injustice

Kids see the signs everywhere — in neighborhoods and social media, in life, in chalk, on cardboard: Black Lives Matter, Hate is Taught, All Mothers Were Summoned When He Called out for His Mama. Little has been done to address racial injustice since the killing of George Floyd in 2020.  We need to take action. Talking to kids about racism, especially when they’re young — according to a Healthy Children study, internalized racism can begin as early as age two — is a start.

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Mindful Parenting Round-Up: Teaching Acceptance & Equality

Racial bias, bullying and intolerance, mistrust, hatred, discrimination- all of these issues stem from fear of the unknown. One thing we can do as parents is encourage our children to learn about others who are different from them and learn to respect, and not fear those differences. Here are some ideas we have rounded up to help parents teach acceptance and equality at home.  Continue reading “Mindful Parenting Round-Up: Teaching Acceptance & Equality”