A Loving-Kindness Letter Exchange from One Country to Another

Yesterday Mindful Littles had a wonderful opportunity to lead a mindful service project at one of our local elementary schools.  We partnered with Julie Atkinson of Center of Hope Haiti (COHH) to teach some littles about the world abroad.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, COHH built a school for now almost 100 impoverished children including some orphans. The school in Hinche, Haiti is a sanctuary for many of these kids and provides these children with access to education and opportunities they would not have otherwise had. Read more

Groovin’ & Minglin’ Together for a Soul-Soothing Event

Last Sunday Justin Cole from Joy in Motion chose “Old Times Rock n Roll” as the song choice for our Mindful Littles Groovin’ for Good dance, and the lyrics couldn’t have be more appropriate.  The event definitely was one that “soothed the soul,” and there were tears, laughter and a lot of hugs from littles, bigs and seniors alike. Read more