“Find the Singing Bowl” Game

This is an awesome activity recommended by a local mom, who used to play this game when her kids were younger.  It’s essentially a hide-and-seek game but with a singing bowl.  My girls and I played it this last weekend and they loved it.  First off, for any parent wanting to find a way to quickly calm the house down, a singing bowl is a must-have.  I wrote a post previously on another activity we have done with our singing bowl, and the one we got for our house.

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Mini “Singing Bowl” Breaks

I recently became the owner of Tibetan singing bowl. Figured it was time as I start diving into teaching mindfulness to children.  What I didn’t anticipate was how owning a singing bowl would immediate cultivate mindfulness opportunities with my children at home.  For those unfamiliar with the singing bowl, it’s a common tool used for teaching mindfulness. The purpose of these bowls in meditation and healing date back to ancient times.  But in many mindful courses the sound reverberating from just one strike of the bowl is a powerful method for tuning into the sense of listening.  Read more