Find the Singing Bowl Game

This is an awesome activity recommended by a local mom, who used to play this game when her kids were younger.  It’s essentially a hide-and-seek game but with a singing bowl.  My girls and I played it this last weekend and they loved it.  First off, for any parent wanting to find a way to quickly calm the house down, a singing bowl is a must-have.  I wrote a post previously on another activity we have done with our singing bowl, and the one we got for our house.

This game is pretty easy to do.  I had my girls pair up as a team, and then I was solo.  I hid with the singing bowl first, and struck the bowl until the girls found the sound.  Then we reversed roles, and I found the singing bowl sound while my girls struck it in their hiding spot.  We played four rounds of it and it was a lot of fun.  It almost felt a bit like the “Find my iPhone” app, but was way more entertaining. The only trick was that in certain hiding spots you have to find enough flat space to set the bowl down to produce the sound.  That isn’t super easy to do when mom is in a tight shoe closet, but that’s something we’ll refine as we keep playing it!