Thanking Local Firefighters for Being Heroes

For this week’s kindness project, we decided to thank our local firefighters for their service.  Like our other activities, we kept this project pretty simple. I wanted my girls to know a bit about firefighting, so I first got a short book (“I Want to be a Firefighter“) so we could learn about it.  And then we decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and put them in Halloween treat bags (given Halloween is around the corner), and put together a homemade thank you card.  Inside the card, I wrote a note and my 5-year old daughter wrote her own note which said:

“Thank you for being my hero.”

We then took our bimg_5670aked goods to Moraga-Orinda Fire Station 45, and Firefighter Anthony and Firefighter Jerry were there to greet us.  They were very appreciative of the treats and cards. They warmly welcomed us in, and graciously took all of us on a short tour.   My girls got to go into a fire truck and a boat, checked out a thermal camera and left with plastic helmets, coloring books/crayons and stickers.  They both left with big smiles, and on the way home my older daughter said that was so cool!  img_5671

I have to admit that while I have been on many organized tours of fire departments throughout my life, I never have stopped to just thank the firefighters for what they do.  I’m really glad we are doing this #WeeklyKindnessProject as it makes me appreciate the everyday folks in our broader community.



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