10-min yoga before bedtime

My 5-year old asks me from time to time if we can do yoga together.  So yesterday we decided to do a little bit of yoga before bedtime for some mindful movements.  We kept the routine pretty simple and short.  Here’s the break down of the routine:

  • Mindful Bodies: Sat facing each other- straight and still
  • Mindful Breaths:  Took 5 deep breaths together
  • 5 Cat/Cows
  • 1 Downward Dog
  • Walked her dog back to her hands and hung in Rag-Doll posture
  • Slowly came up with arms above head into Mountain Posture
  • Tree Posture on both sides
  • 1 Childs Posture (aka Turtle)
  • Drop to knees, roll onto back
  • 1 Happy Baby

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