Memory Yoga Game

A local mom recently told me about an awesome game called Memory Yoga Game.  It’s a matching game of yoga postures.  Essentially, you place all the cards face down, and try to get two matching yoga postures.  Once you find a match, you have to do the yoga posture to be able to keep the match.

My 5-year old LOVED this game.  She is already a huge fan of memory matching games but the added twist of including some movement made this version very appealing.  We changed it up a bit too by holding each posture for 3 deep breaths after each match.  At the end of the game, my daughter lined up all our winning cards, and then asked that we each do a full yoga sequence based on the cards we respectively won.  That was also a fun addition.  Needless to say, this has become a favorite game in our home.  It’s relaxing and allows us to practice a bit of mindfulness in a fun organic way.  And it would make a great holiday gift for the kiddos!