Pravesh Mistry

Pravesh brings extensive financial experience to Mindful Littles along with a compassionate heart, collaborative spirit and desire to help build a strong foundation for the nonprofit.

“I believe that making a long-term meaningful impact starts with the littles of today,” says Pravesh. “Being able to set littles on the right path early will have an exponential impact for our future.”

As part of his personal mindfulness practice, Pravesh wakes up early in the mornings to exercise and meditate. He also takes daily 15-minute breathing breaks throughout his day, dedicates time to think each week and works with an Executive coach every other week. His favorite playful practice, though, is to make infants and toddlers laugh! If he could have one superpower, Pravesh says it would be to time travel to both the past and future: “I would really like to see how the world was in different times.”

Pravesh holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Majors in Finance, Marketing and Information Systems from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. He currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for Truework, a fintech firm that helps verify financial data for consumer-centric lenders. When he’s not co-creating with his work team, Pravesh loves to hike, play golf and belt out “Mr. Brightside” or “Shosholoza,” a South African gold miner’s song often sung at rugby matches. He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife and their two children.

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