Anand Arun Desai

Anand first learned about Mindful Littles during the Covid-19 pandemic when he was assessing his own mental health and self-care techniques: “It became clear very quickly that Mindful Littles is an organization I want to support, specifically because of the aspects of mindful service and education.” What started as curiosity soon grew into a position on the Mindful Littles board. Anand also serves on the board of The Street Smarts and is the Chair of The Penserra Foundation.

Anand holds a B.S. in Managerial Economics from UC Davis. As a Senior Vice President – Portfolio Manager for Penserra Capital Management, he and his team manage the day-to-day activities for 40+ exchange traded funds (ETFs), across multiple investment types.

When he isn’t working, you can find Anand practicing mindful minutes – brief breaks when he steps aways, does some push ups, takes a deep breath and gets present – hanging out in his new hometown of Oakland, California or pursuing his passion for golf (you should see his Zoom background).

Anand says if he could have one superpower it would be flying – “I tend to travel long distances very frequently and would love to avoid traffic” – and if you’re lucky, you might just catch him belting out “Party in the U.S.A.” Maybe even on the golf course!

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