Stephanie Machado

Dr. Stephanie Machado is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health and Health Services Administration at California State University, Chico. Her background is in public health nutrition and implementation science. She received her Doctorate of Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley in 2020 and her MPH in Health Behavior/Health Promotion from the University of Arizona. Her BA is in Sociology/Anthropology from Middlebury College.

Stephanie’s research focuses on school and community-based interventions to improve nutrition and physical activity opportunities for low-income youth and families. Her passion is working with organizations that run school-based health interventions.

Stephanie loves the outdoors and can be found exploring the rivers and trails of California in her free time. She also enjoys yoga, a semi-regular meditation practice and belting out “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Stephanie lives in Chico with her husband and two giant rabbits.

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