At Mindful Littles we believe compassion is an essential life skill.


We strengthen connectedness through compassion experiences for all ages.

Our children are facing unprecedented challenges. From a staggering youth mental health crisis to growing social isolation, the research is clear:

Compassion strengthens youth well-being, social connection and resiliency.

This is why we’ve designed an innovative framework — Mindful Service Learning — to help our youngest generations regularly practice compassion from the inside out.

The Cycle of Compassionate Action

The more you feel good, the more you do good. The more you do good, the more you feel good.


Mindful Service Learning

Informed by educators, public health researchers, parents/caregivers and more, our experiential learning model helps elementary age students amplify learning, while engaging in meaningful community service for their local communities.

Strengthening connection, belonging, and resilience.


Students Reached


Mindful Care Kits for Children & Families


Mindful Service Learning Projects

Who We Work With

We reach children directly, and also by mindfully nurturing the entire network of community support that surrounds them. See how we can help your organization.


Community Groups


Your business or foundation can make a real difference in childrens’ lives. Find out more about how to sponsor a program today.

Group 1300
Group 1300


Mindful Community Service Experiences to Uplift Youth Well-Being

Every program seamlessly integrates our feel good-do good model to engage in purposeful community action. 

Engage in FEEL GOOD practices to strengthen mental well-being and connectedness, 

while practicing DOING GOOD through community service, to support youth well-being.

“Growing into a young adult and figuring out my own place and worth was a transformation full of stress, mistakes, and difficult decisions. Coming to Mindful Littles at the beginning of this process helped me develop and maintain a mental composure, kindness (to myself and others), and care that has made my transformation and journey one that I am genuinely happy with, and proud of.”
— Teen Leader
"Wow, on behalf of our Girl Scouts troop, a heart-felt Thank You for the thoughtful and enlightening workshop! We are so excited about the breathing and movement skills you shared, linking the concepts of feeling good and doing good, and reminding us these calming tools are useful everyday! This was an invaluable workshop, really well done, and we so appreciate what you all do!”
— Bay Area parent and Girl Scout Troop leader
"I would 100% recommend this program to any school or district as a way to help students learn and utilize social/emotional life long skills and strategies to become more engaged and better learners."
— Michelle John, Superintendent, Paradise Unified
"I learned that in life you have ups and you have downs. I learned something...that is not easy to learn. I learned how much one person can change a whole community."
— 5th grade participant, Mindful Service Learning
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