Holiday Food Baskets for Families in Crisis

Last week we had another Mindful Littles event, where 20 families from our community gathered to prepare holiday food baskets for Bay Area Crisis Nursery (BACN).  BACN is a local nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping “prevent child abuse and child neglect by providing supportive services to families who are in stress or crisis.” They provide warm shelter, food and other services for young children, so that families can manage their emergency or stressful life situation.  This year BACN had a big need for non-perishable food items for the families, so we organized a food drive around this cause.  

We provided all the supplies, so that families could decorate tote bags and fill their bags with food items from our Mindful Littles “grocery store.”  Each of the 25 completed bags included $20 gift cards to Safeway so that families could purchase turkey or other perishable items they desired.  We also added special Mindful Littles touches including kindness cards, a Mindful Littles kindness book and crayons for the littles that would receive our bags.

During our event we not only had the chance to do mindful movements, but we also had the opportunity to share some inspirational messages from the story of Katie’s Krops to Nimo Patel’s viral music video on gratitude.  Mindful Littles is grateful to be able to help local families in need this holiday season.