Making Mandala Ornaments

Wood Slices

Making mandala ornaments was a really fun and easy mindfulness activity to do with the littles.  I got small wood slices with jute twine from Amazon, thinking it would be fun to make some homemade ornaments with the girls.  When I got the wood slices, I noticed the natural concentric circles on the slices, which immediately reminded me of mandalas so that spurred the idea for our art project.

We’ve had fun with mandalas in the past- doing our own tactile projects with them, and they are always a very soothing and creative outlet.

For our ornament craft, I used acrylic paint pens, which we’ve used for Friendship Rocks.  We made different patterns and designs following the existing concentric circles on the wood slices.  Drawing within the circles made the mandala creation a bit simpler than creating the symmetrical patterns from scratch.  We made an ornament for different family members who are visiting us this holiday break, so this was not only a great mindfulness craft, but a perfect homemade gift to give to others.


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