Wiggles Body Scan Relieves Stress, Encourages Calm


Is your family struggling to find good quality sleep lately? As our nervous systems navigate more screen time, uncertainty, and collective discomfort, restful sleep can be quite fleeting. Our Wiggles Body Scan for kids can help.

A body scan is moving your awareness throughout the entire body noticing what sensations are present. The benefits include improved sleep, anxiety and stress relief, greater self-awareness, increased self-compassion, reduced pain, and even reduced cravings.

Our Wiggles Body Scan is designed for kids and families. It encourages mindful body awareness and breath, noticing the sensations that arise in the moment and helps relieve tension in the body. 

Join our wonderful facilitator Mary as she leads you through a practice of wiggling and squeezing parts of the body and checking in with how the you feel in the moment. Kids can learn to do this practice independently.

The Science Behind the Practice

Focusing attention on one body part at a time helps us notice our bodies just as they are, without judgment. We might realize discomfort or pain, relief or release. This helps us tune in to our bodies and better understand what we need physically. Body scans can also reduced stress and anxiety and help us sleep better. Read on to learn more about how body scan meditations work:

Mindfulness, Interoception and the Body: A Contemporary Perspective (Frontiers in Psychology)

The Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Sleep Quality (National Library of Medicine)

Effects of an 8-Week Body Scan Intervention on Individually Perceived Psychological Stress… (Mindfulness)

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