Daughter, Dad Practice Compassion at Home

When Ryan Padgett signed up for our family program through Veteran’s PATH with his daughter Annabelle, he wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

I was able to get Annabelle back into bed and back to sleep by just going through the breathing exercises we did together. I know it might not be world altering, but for her to actually get back to sleep means I'll be coming home to a much calmer household...and that means the world to me."

Ryan Padgett, Parent and Veteran

What he did know was that Annabelle needed tools to help support her sleep and he and his wife could use some practices to help ease their own stress and fatigue.

The 5-week program included our signature feel-good, do-good mindfulness practices, including breath work and movement. Research shows that exhaling longer than you inhale lowers cortisol and soothes feelings of anxiety and stress. In the Padgett household, practicing these calming habits made a big difference in how both Annabelle and her parents responded to stressful situations.

By the end of the five weeks with Mindful Littles, Annabelle not only adopted essential mindfulness practices for herself; she also led her dad in those practices (see the video)! Our feel-good, do-good approach empowers children to integrate mindful practices into their every day lives, and then share them with their parents and caregivers, friends, and even their teachers. You can find out more about Mindful Littles schools and family programs here, or visit our free Digital Resource Library for more peaceful practices.

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