A Letter to Leaders


As chaos and uncertainty continue, leaders need to create and sustain safe spaces where everyone is welcome. Acting with compassion, inclusion and unity is critical now more than ever.

A few words on leadership from our Founder

Dear Leader,
I write this letter as a Mother
A Wife,
A Daughter,
A Sister
A Friend
and a fellow Leader
We are living in a time of Endless Chaos
in a Polarized World
with Violence
where natural disaster are abound
as are man-made ones
in the midst of a Global Pandemic
With each passing day
our Empathy deficit grows
and the mental health crisis
is spiraling out of control.
We have forgotten how to connect
to Ourselves and to those around us.
This sacred practice
has become a Lost art.
But the time is Now for Change
The time is Now to Reconnect.
You have the Role of a Leader.
You have the Role of a LEADER.
And Leadership is HARD.
It can be isolating, stressful, heavy, risky, uncertain.
You hold SO much…the container For Your People.
The Vision.
The Path Forward.
And Your People may not understand
the weight of what YOU carry each and everyday.
But Leadership is a Privilege.
Leadership is not a right.
It IS NOT a right.
And with privilege
comes the POWER to make a CHOICE
You have the. Power to Create a Safe Space.
A Space where All Beings Belong.
Where All Beings Feel Heard.
Where All Beings are Treasured.
You also have the Power to Harm.
And while most of Us do not Intend to Harm
Many of Us do.
Your Words Matter.
Your Choices Matter.
So how will you show up?
How will you show up?
For Our Children’s Future
How will YOU show up?
To “Be the Change” (Gandhi)
so that You may Guide the Change
Because it is Essential
that we Wake Up
and Listen.
Our Freedoms, our Lives
literally depend on it.
As Leaders it is our Moral Obligation
to be an Anchor
AND a Lighthouse
for those we Serve
And It Begins with Each & Every One of Us
to Lead with Awareness
to Lead with Compassion
from the Inside Out
I stand with you arm in arm
Leader to leader
no matter our differences, no matter our ranks
because we can do better for ALL our children.
WIth peace & light

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