Peace Corner Gives Kids a Place to Find Calm

Our littles experience big emotions and learning to name and manage those feelings is challenging. One way to help kids recenter and find peace is to help them create their very own Peace Corner.

By setting up a soothing sanctuary where your child can go when they’re experiencing strong or overwhelming emotions, you’re letting them know it’s okay to have those big feelings and to take time to process them. Kids should really own this project, so encourage them to gather up meaningful items to keep in their Peace Corner.


  • Timer that allows for at least 5 minutes
  • Comfy blanket, rug, pillow
  • Peaceful items, like flowers or a succulent, a crystal (for clarity), a stone (for stillness), Hoberman Sphere for breath practice, mindfulness books
  • Coloring sheets
  • Calming aromatherapy scents, like lavender, rose or jasmine
  • Calm down strategies, like 3-5 or 4-2-6 breath, Finger Breath and positive affirmations (I Am Kind, I Am Brave, I Am Love)

Find a Peaceful Place

Take a tour around the house to find a quiet, somewhat private place to set up the Peace Corner. It might be at the foot of the bed, in a softly lit area of the living room or by a window. There’s no wrong location as long as it’s a calming space.

Personalize the Space

This is where kids really get to create a place that’s comfortable and comforting to them. A cozy blanket or pillow, a favorite book and soothing activities that they choose make the space more inviting and give them ownership of the time they spend there.

Using the Peace Corner

A Peace Corner is a place where kids can go to calm down. They might use it independently when they’re angry or sad about a situation. As parents, we can encourage them to use it to calm down during a confrontation rather than immediately discussing negative behavior. Giving them space to calm down first is beneficial for everyone. Instead of a time out, think of time in the Peace Corner as a time in.

At some point, your child might start using the Peace Corner on their own when emotions feel overwhelming. 

Of course it’s perfectly fine and even encouraged for kids to use the Peace Corner when they’re not upset. This helps dispel the idea that peace is something you need only when you’re angry or sad. Peace is within our reach any time we need it.