Schools & Districts

We believe blending mindfulness habits and service learning experiences in classrooms promotes resiliency, compassion and peace in our littles. We offer mindfulness programs and service learning experiences for schools and districts, including two-hour sessions, day-long projects and ongoing programming. We tailor each project to meet the needs of individual school communities, working with staff to create meaningful experiences that empower students to recognize peace within themselves and bring that peace into the world to make positive change. 

We also offer our Mindfulness, Yoga, Social-Emotional Learning & Fun (MYSELF™) curriculum to integrate with your current daily or weekly lessons. MYSELF™ lessons are fundamentally rooted in the principles of self-compassion as a means of fostering resiliency and pro-social skills. We also work with educators and staff to encourage self-care and mindfulness skills that support authentic practice to better sustain classroom habits.

Our Work in Paradise Unified Schools

Based on the MYSELF™ curriculum, our mindfulness Healing Initiative in Paradise, California is in every TK through 6th grade classroom in the district. Our hope is to help bring deep healing to the many students and community members coping with great trauma in the aftermath of the November 2018 Camp Fire.

We are also engaged in a quantitative study of our work in an East Bay Area school district to identify the concrete student outcomes we are making. With impact data from both of these programs we will begin to build the foundation needed to scale our model across additional communities.

Service as a Cornerstone

Our mindful service learning projects as part of the classroom curriculum are used to promote personal growth and provide awareness of the community and the wider world. There’s widespread research on the use of service learning to foster pro- social behavior. Teaching students to work towards a common goal also improves social capital, or relational networks, which in turn strengthens resiliency.

Facilitator Led Lessons

We provide Mindful Littles facilitators to deliver weekly classroom lessons. The MYSELF lessons provide mechanisms and skills to help educators and classrooms develop micro-habits for sustained social-emotional well-being and pro-social behavior. The practices are simple, bite-sized changes that can easily be interwoven in everyday classroom and school environments. In addition to simple teacher extensions, we provide professional development and coaching to support the curriculum delivery.

Self-Care for Educators

We recognize the enormous stress placed on educators. The MYSELF curriculum includes tools for educators and staff emphasizing self-care and mindfulness skills so they can authentically practice and sustain classroom habits within a pro-social culture. We also provide digital and physical resources that align to the curriculum so educators can sustain practices between Mindful Littles facilitator sessions

Ongoing & Past School Programs

OrindaCARES: In 2017, we launched OrindaCARES, a community partnership program between Mindful Littles, Orinda Union School District(OUSD), Miramonte High School and The City of Orinda to inspire all Orinda students to become compassionate, engaged global citizens through meaningful service learning opportunities. Our ongoing OrindaCARES program galvanizes the entire community to collectively work together to help critical causes, both locally and around the world. 

Helping Hands for Houston: This initiative to help Hurricane Harvey victims included school-wide assemblies at all 4 elementary school sites to educate students about the natural disaster and how Orinda students could help. The project culminated in a 2-day weekend project with about 300 students and community members from all Orinda schools gathering and assembling 1000 backpacks filled with school supplies, personalized friendship rocks and kindness notes.

Reflections on Day of Peace

Peace Kits for Paradise: Mindful Littles facilitated service learning projects for over 1600 Orinda elementary school students to teach them about the Paradise Fires, practice mindfulness and assemble peace and wellness kits for students in Paradise impacted by the Camp Fire. The kits included mindfulness and compassion tools to help the victims cope with ongoing stress and trauma from the fires. Mindful Littles and OUSD staff and students delivered the kits to Paradise students and spent the day teaching them mindfulness and compassion skills to use at home and in the classroom.