Service Learning Projects

The Mindful Littles service learning projects are not just about giving back, but giving back mindfully, to think about why we are giving back.  Our projects embody the word “seva” which means “selfless service” in Sanskrit.  Doing seva is thought to not only help the community, but also help one’s personal growth.  What is critical with “seva” is the mindful intention behind service and the genuine desire to feel and express compassion in the work.  This is the purpose of Mindful Littles projects.  Every project has a mindful intention thoughtfully weaved in and is unique to the partner organization we are supporting.

The Mindful Littles Service Learning Experience:

Educational & Meaningful: We want to educate our littles and bigs with something that will broaden their minds. Education is a core focus of our events and is uniquely customized for each event.  Whether it’s learning about brain science or spending time with firefighters or grooving to a new Haitian dance, our families will leave our events learning something new.

Connecting to the Heartstrings: We share stories of the children we are helping and discuss the purpose of our service work. We want our littles to feel empowered to make a positive difference in the world even after our events.

Community-Focused: Our projects are hosted in local communities- leveraging community facilities and backyards so you can give back with your community members.  Our service projects are convenient and accessible and aim to create a sense of togetherness.

Fun & Engaging: Giving back does not have to be boring, and can be engaging, interactive and fun.  Our events are age-appropriate for littles ranging from ages 3-11.  Littles will participate in hands-on activities for each service project- from assembling hygiene kits to making keepsake frames to creating quilts to learning new dances and much more.

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