Service Learning Experiences

Our mindful service learning experiences for elementary school children are 45 to 60 minute programs directly benefiting a nonprofit or community cause. We create customized projects that adapt to the needs and desires of your community and project participants. Our approach is different from traditional community service programs for youth. We teach, guide and empower children by elevating their consciousness through intention. Participants not only learn practical mindfulness and social-emotional learning skills; they also feel good and do good.

Our Service Learning Offerings

Play with horses, dogs, pigs and more as part of our series on compassion.  We partner with local shelters or animal centers to help animals in need.

Diversity is one of the most important topics we teach. In this special series, we focus on inclusion and immersion to break barriers between communities, including inter-generational programs and working with people of all abilities.

Explore the great outdoors on scavenger hunts, sound huts and more to appreciate Mother Nature and learn to become stewards of the environment. 

Gather in the kitchen to rinse, chop, cook, bake and make delicious meals for those in need, while also learning about mindful nutrition practices.

Assemble holiday food bags, toy drives, patient kits, peace kits, hygiene kits, backpacks and so much more. We personalize each assembled gift with cards and messages of kindness, hope and peace.

Get your dancing shoes on to perform for good.  We partner with local dance studios or performance art to teach littles how to groove, and we then take our performances over to local senior centers or other areas to perform.
Immerse yourself in literature all about kindness and mindfulness, and have fun doing it.  You can join one of our Kindness Book Clubs at local libraries or institutions.  We read and discuss a different book on kindness, dance, practice mindfulness and create fun art projects to reinforce our theme.
Make beaded bracelets, lavender sachets, paint pots and so much more as part of our Mindful Crafts Series.  Tune into your hearts and relax, while making crafts that serve the greater good.   

The Mindful Littles Experience


Educational & Practical: Our approach to challenging topics through storytelling helps young children relate to and connect with universal truths about our human experience, building empathy and inspiring action. We actively focus on developing practical pro-social skills students continue to use after our projects.


Mindful & Heartfelt: We incorporate mindfulness, yoga, movement, and art to teach children to be joyfully present and connected to their own hearts. Our gratitude exercises and heart-centered practices, such as loving-kindness meditations, foster deep compassion and well-being.


Meaningful & Empowering: The projects we organize are meaningful and deeply connected to serve specific causes in local and global communities. Children are empowered through hands-on activities that create tangible outputs- from assembling hygiene kits for to making warm meals to pen-pal letter exchanges in Haiti.

Few Highlights from the First Year

Exploring and Thanking Mother Nature

In the summer of 2017 we did our first Kids n Nature project where we did an outdoor scavenger hunt, painted with berries and learned about the importance of Mother Nature.

"Different Hearts, United As One."

During this special series of events, families joined together to make custom heart patches sharing the unique qualities of their family. We then quilted each patch together into an American flag called "Different Hearts, United as One." We marched in the local 4th of July Parade with our diversity quilt.

Groovin for Good for Local Seniors

Our hip-hop extravaganza included a full lesson for Mindful Littles from a local dance studio. We practiced a dance number based on kindness and then walked over to a local senior center to perform the dance. We also had the chance to mingle and get to know some of our new senior friends.

Hope and Courage for Foster Care Youth

We teamed up with one of our favorite nonprofit partners to help foster care youth. This particular event was meaningful as we were inspired by the story of a personalized stone that gave hope and courage to boy named Danny. We began including "friendship stones" in many projects thereafter starting with this one.

A Loving-Kindness Letter Exchange from One Country to Another

We partnered up with a local elementary school and taught the 4th grade class about kids in Hinche, Haiti. The kids then got a chance to write a kind letter that was hand-delivered to the children there and in return received letters from their new international friends.