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Mindful Service Learning

Mindful Service Learning

This experiential, project-based program is a great way to kickstart the cycle of compassionate action. Children learn how to generate self-compassion, then turn that compassion into action by taking part in service projects that directly benefit a local nonprofit or community cause. We handle all the organizational details and logistics, making it possible to bring this innovative educational model to schools. 

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Our innovative framework is highly successful in engaging children with important social topics, internalizing compassion and empathy, and turning thought into meaningful, enduring action.

Empathize through Interactive Storytelling

Feel Self-Compassion through Mindful Movement

Engage in Action through Tangible Work

“I learned that in life you have ups and you have downs. I learned something…that is not easy to learn. I learned how much one person can change a whole community.”

—5th Grader

Mindful Littles will work with you to create a program meaningful to your school community.
Topics include:

Caring for Communities in Crisis: Natural Disasters

Building Bridges Seniors, Disabilities, Global Diversity

Fighting Poverty: Homelessness & Hunger

Loving our Earth: Climate Change, Animals

Helping Heroes: First Responders & Veterans

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See our impact in schools and for communities devastated by natural disasters.