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Our programs are specially designed to spark and sustain compassion and compassionate action from the inside out.

Mindful Service Learning

Compassionate Leadership For Your Community

A fundamental way to build compassion habits is through a regular practice of service. In this program, youth and adults work on a service project to benefit a nonprofit or community cause. Participants build conscious awareness of key social issues, practice compassion leadership skills, and perform a tangible project to support the partnering nonprofit. Projects include topics such as climate change, homelessness, communities affected by natural disaster, and more. 

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MYSELF™ Classroom Series

Compassionate Choices for Your Authentic Self 

We know that building habits of compassion takes consistent practice and most essentially has to begin with yourself. Our MYSELF™ (Mindfulness, Yoga, Social-Emotional Learning, & Fun) curriculum is rooted in the principles of self-compassion as the means for building inner resilience and authenticity.  

Using methods of purposeful play, movement, and mindfulness, we teach students of all ages life-long habits of emotional well being. 

Currently our MYSELF program is available for schools.,

AMPLIFY™ Listening Program

Compassionate Communication with Your Circle

As humans we are constantly communicating with others, whether we are at school, home or work.  Our AMPLIFY™ program has been uniquely designed to build compassionate communication skills that help you proactively respond to the most challenging situations for your role. Whether you’re a business leader, teacher,  administrator, or student, AMPLIFY™ will teach you habits that will serve you daily. 

Currently our AMPLIFY program is available for companies.


I was so happy that I could put a smile on his face…Sometimes we take for granted all the small things life gives us: a warm bed, clean water, healthy foods, snuggling with pets, and protection from storms and violence.

—5th Grade Student

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