Rainbow Walk

I recently did a mindful activity with my girls, which naturally incorporates the power of present-time awareness into a fun daytime activity. A number of mindfulness resources recommend this activity, so I decided to try it. I left my cellphone at home, put the girls in a wagon, gave each of them some crayons and pads of paper. And off we went. We strolled through our neighborhood, and I asked my girls to find the colors of the rainbow in order as they saw them such as a red flower, orange cone, yellow leaf. As they found each color, they drew the object on their piece of paper. (Disclaimer: My 5 year old was the one who actively participated in the activity. My 2 year old just loved to scribble and be with us!) My 5-year old loved finding the rainbow colors so much that she asked if we could keep going. We went through 4 rounds of the rainbow before we headed back home.  What was incredible was realizing how many things I had not seen before on my own street.   Below are a few of my daughter’s drawings from our walk.  She decided to put check marks next to her findings to make sure she had all the rainbow colors covered!



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