Who We Serve

At Mindful Littles, we focus on nurturing compassion in the most formative years— Kindergarten through 8th grades—in order to create the largest and most lasting effects. 

Holistic Community Model for Peace

To truly impact this age group, we must also reach and teach the adults around them, with whom they are so interdependent. Working deeply and holistically with children, classrooms, schools, homes, and communities, we foster and sustain positive change—from the inside out.


Kindergarten – 8th Graders

We make the biggest impact by working with the littlest kids, from the youngest children up through the challenging, transformative middle school years.


Parents and Caregivers

We provide mindfulness and compassion practices for families through community-based service learning projects and digital resources for at-home learning.

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Educators, Staff, & Administrators

From classroom lessons to districtwide service learning projects, we reach children and teachers where they already spend a lot of time—in school.

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Community Organizations & Companies

We collaborate with companies, churches, synagogues, public libraries and more to bring our mindful compassion programs into the community.  

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Youth Homes Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Partners

Together with local and national nonprofit organizations, we identify tangible needs and serve important, meaningful causes as part of our service learning programs.

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See the power of compassion in action.

By mobilizing the vastly undertapped resource of compassion,  we’re transforming our society to become a better place for all. See how our work is having a real impact on the children and communities we serve.

We can reach even more children—with your help

Through the trying circumstances of the past year, we’ve seen a 30% increase in social isolation and emotional distress in youth. We’re rising to this challenge by expanding our reach. Your donation of any size will help us serve more children and communities struggling with issues of health, social justice, distance learning, hunger, climate change, and more.