Inspiring Ways To Spread a Little Kindness


When we witness a kind act, it actually improves our mood, making it more likely we too will be kind. Here are a few inspiring kindness projects and activities to help you spread a little kindness into the world. 

More Kindness Activities

Deliver Kindness Baskets to your neighbors to bring them cheer. 

Give a little kindness to the earth by recycling

The Science Behind the Smiles

You might have heard the saying, “Kindness is contagious.” Research shows this is actually true. There are also several health benefits to being kind, such as increasing happiness and lowering blood pressure. Read on to learn more about the ways acts of kindness are good for you:

Kindness Health Facts (Dartmouth University)

Kindness Makes You Happy (Greater Good Science Center)

The Health Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness (CNN)

The Heart and Science of Kindness (Harvard University)

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