Resources & Inspiration

You can’t have mindful littles without mindful bigs.  We know how busy parenting littles can be. That is why we are keen on providing helpful accessible resources for parents to integrate into everyday busy lives.

Mindfulness Activities,
Kindness Projects, & More

Studies show that cultivating a disciplined practice of compassion and mindfulness boosts social and emotional well-being for children. The projects we share are creative and simple so that you can easily integrate them into your daily lives. We are building a library of mindfulness activities, kindness projects, and compassion skills-building exercises.  

Inspiration & Community Building

Positivity breeds positivity.  And we want to keep breeding, so we are collecting inspirational stories of littles and bigs doing incredible work in the community.  Some stories are of individuals who have been motivated by Mindful Littles experiences; others are stories that we love to highlight from around the community.  Let’s keep the inspiration going. Email us at if you would like to recommend someone for a Mindful Littles spotlight story.

Books, Roundups & Videos

There’s so much information out in the ether.  We are collecting some of our favorites on the topics of mindfulness, kindness, courage and more.  Check out our Mindful Roundup posts where we have scoured the web, or check out our book lists or video listings of content that has positively influenced our work.