Meet Our Inaugural Youth Leadership Award Recipients!

This May we had the distinct privilege of awarding two of our long-standing teen leaders, Nina and Livia Segall, with our inaugural Youth Leadership Award.

The girls started volunteering with Mindful Littles when they were 5th graders. Since then, they’ve remained steadfast youth leaders through the pandemic, middle school, and now during their sophomore year of high school. 

Nina and Livia have traveled up to Paradise, California to help deliver Peace Kits to elementary school students in the aftermath of the Camp Fire. They’ve shown up time and time again at our community events, helping younger children bundle diapers, assemble nourishment and art kits, and write kindness cards. The two of them have folded countless Kindness Catchers, and demonstrated Bunny Breath, Lion’s Breath and Dragon’s Breath for so many captivated younger kids. 

Here’s what Nina and Livia had to say about their experience with Mindful Littles.

During her very first experience with Mindful Littles, Nina recalls what it was like when the group of volunteers was asked to set an intention: 

"I just remember saying the word "love." I think that's everything Mindful Littles is about. It's about love, spreading love, spreading joy, learning how to empathize with other people and spread the spark of love to those in need."

Nina Segall

During a pandemic volunteer project, Livia describes:

"I felt like I was really helping. I felt very powerful. Mindful Littles is about being an active member of our community and doing whatever we can to better this world."

Livia Segall

We are incredibly grateful to Nina and Livia for their commitment, creativity, and care. Their joy, enthusiasm, and leadership have impacted hundreds of younger children across Northern California — truly an incredible accomplishment!

Know a teen who might like to volunteer with Mindful Littles or a middle or high school looking for a mindful service program for their students? Check out our Teen Leadership Programs for more information!

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