A Grateful Twist to a Pumpkin Craft

Today I had the opportunity to help with my 1st grader’s Halloween party at school.  We did a few simple yoga and movement games, but most of our time was spent focused on some Halloween crafts.  One of the fan favorites was a a simple Grateful Paper Pumpkin Craft which I modeled after this version here.

I shared my model with the kids- reading the things that I was grateful for on this Halloween, which included things like being able to walk or being able to see. 

For the activity, we generally followed the directions in the tutorial above, but did eight strips of paper instead of twelve.  Prior to cutting our eight strips of pumpkin paper, we had the kiddos write down eight things they are grateful for on Halloween.  This took a little brainstorming, but several kids wrote that they are grateful for their families, for trick or treating, for food, their hands and much more. As always, reading the messages that the littles wrote down is the best part of any kindness craft.

After the kids cut the strips, the parent volunteers helped the first graders fasten the brass brads to pull the heartfelt crafts together.  This was a super simple and easy craft to do and a great kindness project idea for the fall holiday season to do with your classroom or at home.