3 Itty-Bitty Acts of Kindness

My younger daughter turned three earlier this month, and in keeping with our new birthday tradition I wanted us to do three acts of kindness in honor of her third birthday.  We kept the acts of kindness pretty simple and sweet for my itty-bitty.  Here’s what we did:

  1. Kind “Chalk-Way”:  Inspired by an idea that a friend had for our next OrindaCares initiative, the girls and I wrote and drew kind messages with chalk on our front walkway. Our hope was that when visitors came by our notes would put a smile on their face or brighten up their day.  It’s also been pretty hot here so we left a bucket of bottled waters on our porch with a note for any local delivery person stopping by. 
  2. Kind Wish Bubbles:  My 3-year old loves bubbles so we turned her bubble blowing activity into a kindness game.  We picked a few of her favorite people- friends and family members. Then for each bubble we sent a kind wish to one of those people.
  3. Make-Our-Own Thank You Cards: One of the birthday presents my 3-year old received for her birthday was a Make-Your-Own Card craft set.  I usually have my older daughter write her own thank you cards, and was planning to have my younger daughter scribble her name on pre-made thank you cards.  But this gift inspired us to create our own thank you cards.  The neat part of doing our own cards especially from an easy-to-use craft set was that we talked about each of her friends and what colors and shapes each of her friends would like.  I also let my daughter stamp the cards even if they ended up a bit crooked!

These kindness twists to everyday activities were extremely easy to do.  So our birthday tradition continues. Next up is my husband!  That will be a much longer list! 😉

On a side note…the day before my 3-year olds’ birthday, we were on a Southwest Airlines flight. I asked a stewardess if they could announce that it was her birthday to make her feel a little special.  They not only wished her a Happy Birthday on the flight, but they surprised us with a pretzel crown for my daughter.  It was an act of kindness we definitely won’t forget! 🙂

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