Decorate & Deliver Kindness Rocks to Spread Goodwill


Painting colorful, inspirational Kindness Rocks to deliver to neighbors is a creative way to show kindness. Add a personal postcard and watch the kindness spread!

Decorating rocks with inspirational messages to leave for others to find is a wonderful, uplifting activity. First conceived by Megan Murphy of The Kindness Rocks Project, Kindness Rocks are now a global phenomenon taking on many different forms.

For this activity, we’ve added a Kindness Postcard. When you’re done decorating your rocks, write a kind note to a neighbor or friend, encouraging them to pass on the kindness. Then, deliver your rock and note. When we act with kindness, it encourages others to do the same — kindness really is contagious

There’s no wrong way to decorate your Kindness Rock. You can paint a pattern, draw small pictures or paint an overall background on your rock before adding your kind message.


  • Rocks to paint
  • Acrylic outdoor paint and/or acrylic paint pens
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge paint sealant


  • Set up your painting area with materials. Be sure to put down a cloth, newspaper or paper bag to protect surfaces
  • Apply a background coat of paint or patter to rock. You can leave the bottom of the rock unpainted or paint it as well
  • Apply a second coat of paint or additional colors if you want
  • Use a different color of paint or acrylic pen to add your kindness message or quote. For example, ‘Spread Kindness’, ‘Kindness Matters’ or ‘Choose Kindness’
  • Add Mod Podge sealant to protect written messages
  • Let rocks dry 72 hours before delivering
  • Write a kindness postcard encouraging the recipient to “Pass It On”
  • Deliver your Kindness Rock and postcard!

Kindness Rocks Service Project with Mindful Middles

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