Guess the Letter/Shape on my Back

This activity is something that has been passed down in my family across generations- my grandmother did this activity my father, my father did it with me and now I have started doing it with my own daughters.  It’s a very simple short practice during which your little lays on their tummy and closes his/her eyes.  You then draw a letter, a shape or even a short phrase on their back with your index finger.  They tune into your touch and the movement of your finger, and try to visualize what you are drawing on their back.  It’s incredibly relaxing as it’s essentially a massage, but also really requires the child to deliberately tune into the present-state and the sense of touch on their back to be able to visualize what’s being drawn.

One of the best times to play this game is right after a shower/bath, when you lotion them.  Or you can do it simply when you are just relaxing together on the couch. And I stick to simple phrases like “I <> U” or simple shapes like a triangle, circle, etc.  The point isn’t to make it difficult for them to guess the letters or shapes, but for them to intently focus on touch and feel calm and relaxed in the process.  My girls absolutely adore this game just like I did as a child, and ask to do it all the time.

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