Two Little Turkeys Say Thanks

In the past during Thanksgiving dinner with our families, we have expressed why we are grateful for each other, but it hasn’t always been consistent.  So for this week’s kindness project, we wanted to give thanks to our family members with special handmade Thanksgiving cards from “Two Little Turkeys.”

My 5-year old and I first sat and talked about each family member, and why she was thankful for that person.  She listed out unique reasons for each person such as “she is the best baker” or “he gives the best hugs” or in my father’s case, “the best cutter of pomegranate!”   We then put together a personalized card for each person.  Each of my girls painted their hands with brown paint, and then used their hand prints to make the bodies of two turkeys.  My 5-year old then added legs, feathers and a gobble using watercolor.  We then labeled each card with:

“Two little turkeys are thankful for you because…”

and then listed why she was thankful for them.  The cards were not only entertaining but very endearing, and it was great to deliberately think about our family in this way.  img_5925

We also talked about how it’s important to be thankful for all the little things in our life. To help us with this, we read a great book that was recently given to my girls called The Thankful Book.  It’s a wonderful reminder of how many things we have in our everyday life that we should be grateful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!