Mindful Service Experience

Our Mindful Service Experience program is an innovative educational model where youth take part in highly experiential service projects with their school or community to directly benefit another local nonprofit or community cause. Unlike traditional community service programs, we harness the power of our unique Feel Good-Do Good model to build the compassion muscle in our youth participants. 

The Mindful Service Experience:
Compassionate Action from the Inside Out

Each experience is carefully crafted to help participants feel deep empathy and turn compassionate intention into meaningful positive action for the greater good. 
Our inside-out approach to service mindfully engages students to foster behavior shifts.  

Humanize and Empathize

Humanize and Empathize

Through interactive visual storytelling,
we make important social topics real
and relatable for all ages, which builds perspective about our common

Build Positive Mindset

 Build Positive Mindset 

We engage participants through
 practical and playful mindfulness habits
 to strengthen self and social awareness skills.

Engage in Action

Engage in Action

By creating valuable tangible goods—
like hygiene kits, warm meals, and encouraging cards of support—
participants gain a sense of purpose
and agency.

Mindful Service Experience Offerings

Our projects are deeply connected to serve specific local and global causes that are meaningful to children. We also create customized projects that adapt to the needs and desires of your community and project participants. 

Helping Heroes

Helping Heroes
First Responders,

Caring for Communities
Caring for Communities in Crisis Natural Disaster Recovery,
Chronically Ill & Hospital Patients
Fighting Poverty

Uplifting Underserved
Homeless, Food Insecure,
Underserved Youth & Families

Building Bridges

Building Bridges
Seniors, People with Disabilities,
International Causes,
Racial Justice, Gender Equality


Loving our Earth
Caring for the Environment, 
Animal Compassion,
Food Cycle

Interested in Mindful Service Experience for your school or organization?

Try us out with a single project, or bring us in for a series of events for deeper impact.  

The event had quite an impact on my 7-year-old son, Caden, who, after assembling hygiene kits at your Mindful Littles event, decided to raise money for the kids in Haiti on his own…. What you are doing through the Mindful Littles program is wonderful, and it’s obviously having an impact on children near and far.”

—Kim Morrow, Local Bay Area Parent



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Projects and counting

See our Family Resources section for fun
ways to practice Mindful Service at home.