Mindful Scavenger Hunt

This mindfulness activity that we did, a Mindful Scavenger Hunt, was one of the coolest ways to reinforce some mindfulness tips with my 5-year old, while having some fun together.  Yesterday I set up a simple scavenger hunt around the house using 10 clues.  My daughter would find a clue in a designated spot in the house, which would lead to the next clue.  Once she found all 10 clues, she found a small surprise at the end of the scavenger hunt.  For each of the clues and riddles, I deliberately focused on two things to reinforce a few key learnings. 

First, I wanted her to guess objects or places in our house that help us be more mindful and kind.  For instance, our first clue was: “When we feel upset, we strike this, close our eyes and give a thumbs up when we can’t hear the sound anymore. What am I?”  She knew immediately that it was our singing bowl which we use to calm down at times.  I also placed clues under our kindness jar and in our peaceful place and even in her gratitude journal.  And again with each answer that she provided, it reinforced a mindfulness tip- for when or how she should be using the object or place in mind.

Second, I intentionally focused the other clues on some of her favorite objects or on things that reminded her of her favorite memories.  For instance, I hid a clue under her favorite place to read, and in her favorite board game.  I also included clues in our basket of blankets which we use often during family movie nights.  On each note, I emphasized the positive and special meaning these things have in her life.

At the end of her scavenger hunt, I hid some cala lilies that I bought at the grocery store earlier that day with a special note from me.  She was ecstatic to find the end surprise, and was all smiles and giggles while finding each clue.  The riddles were simple enough for my daughter to answer fairly quickly, so that the hunt was more fun and light-hearted than challenging.   Immediately after our scavenger hunt ended, my daughter requested to have another one, so I have a feeling this mindful scavenger hunt won’t be our last.


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